Reasons Why Cardiac Arrests Happen In The Bathroom Often

WebMD describes cardiac arrest as a condition in which the heart stops beating unexpectedly. The oxygen-rich blood that ordinarily nourishes the vital organs of the body has ceased to do so. As a result, lives may be at danger. Given that some actions, such as bathing and urinating, might cause cardiac arrest, it is feasible for this to occur in the restroom. This article, which is based on an article from, will explain why this cardiac condition is so widespread in public restrooms.

1) A sudden change in temperature, such as from an Extremely hot or cold bath, may exert additional stress on the cardiovascular system.

2) These activities increase the risk of cardiac arrest or electrical heart malfunction due to the strain they place on the body. The act of urinating stresses the vagus nerve, which may decrease the heart rate.

4) Cardiac arrest can occur in the restroom if recreational drug overdose occurs prior to using the restroom.

(5) If the heart is already weak, faeces may cause it to beat excessively quickly, resulting in abrupt death.

If you are at a higher risk, having a roommate or family member who can check on you in the restroom.

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