Reasons Single Ladies Love Married Men More Than Single Men

1 , Married men are strongly believed to know how to treat women better due to experience and this maybe also be the attraction point for some ladies

2. They are responsible

Many single ladies are perceived to love someone who is already taken by another women because when married Men would come to visit them, they would not come empty handed but will be thoughtful to come with something maybe a shopping for them Unlike many bachelors.

3 . Monetary Security

Many wedded Men give their special lady some cash and would constantly do as such to keep them. They will go all on a mission to fulfill their necessities with material things and cash too. This perhaps another justification for why a few women love wedded Men.

4. Rivalry

Ladies are exceptionally abnormal and sly. A woman would date a wedded man just to demonstrate to the next lady that, “I can take him.” The way that a man who has another lady seeks after her is energizing and causes her to feel like a victor in a non-existent fight, in light of the fact that the spouse presumably doesn’t realize you at any point exist. Gratitude for perusing.

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