Reasons Men Love Big Breast, According To Scientific Theories.

If you are a woman wonderfully endowed with large bosoms, you may have experienced conversations with males whose eyes tend to drift south of your face. Why do men find busty ladies so attractive?

Scientists have attributed the reason why most men are attracted to big bosoms to 2 theories.
The first theory that explains why men like large bosoms has to do with how breastfeeding bonds the mother and her infant (baby boys). During breastfeeding periods, baby boys get attracted to their mother’s mamma. In a similar way, couples also bond more when breast stimulation is involved, thanks to the hormone and neuropeptide oxytocin. Oxytocin is otherwise known as the “love drug,” or “cuddle hormone,” and it plays a role in maternal as well as intimate bonding. Males get accustomed to breasts from infancy and become more attracted to it as they age.

The second theory has to do with Culture. Exposure, and upbringing are a few factors that might have shaped a lot of men’s preference for big bosoms. One of these factors could be the media. As a cultural artifact, the media pegs women with larger bosoms as desirable. With constant exposure, we learn at a young age that bigger bosoms are sexualized. For some men, it could be how they were taught to perceive the female figure. Besides learned fondness, different breast sizes may have varying effects on the male brain as hormones like oxytocin may affect everyone differently. It certainly doesn’t affect men the way it does women.

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