Number Of Rounds Men Should Go During Sex.

Have you ever been totally relaxed and done after sex, and your partner wants you to go just one more round? A second-round may not sound like a new idea to most men, but some men can have little to no refractory period and can reach climax on multiple times.

So, how many rounds can a normal man go? What’s the average, or is there an average at all?

While the science is still out on exactly how many rounds a normal man can go. Research shows that men do not have a limited supply of sperms they can produce, so this is not some built-in bodily reserve that can get depleted or run out.

When ejaculation happens, a man’s body gets back to making more almost immediately. Of course, reaching climax more than once in a short time frame can mean that you won’t see the same volume of ejaculate every time. In fact, you may even have an orgasm without ejaculating at all. It can take several minutes or more for the body to build the level of seminal fluid available back up after ejaculation.

In a nutshell, there is no recommended amount of rounds a man should go during lovemaking. Once you have the capability to go more, you are at liberty to do so.

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