Night Drama as Man Beaten Like a Dog When Caught in Bed With Somebody’s Wife, Suspect Arrested

A young man is currently in police detention waiting to be arraigned in court for the murder of his own friend, whom he caught in bed preying on his wife when he returned unannounced. Mr. Peter had been suspecting his friend of having an affair with his wife.

Mr.Peter decided to set a trap for them and lied to the wife that he was traveling and would be coming back. His wife decided to bring his friend to their bedroom to enjoy themselves when Peter returned at midnight unannounced, caught them eating the forbidden fruit, and decided to fight his friend.

Out of anger, Mr. Peter used a sharp iron object and stabbed his friend Thomas. He was on the run but was later caught by the police. He has been charged with the murder of Mr. Thomas and is likely going to be sentenced by the court for the murder of Mr. Thomas. Will you kill them? How will you react if you catch someone with your partner?

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