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New Land Act Contains Nothing New- Mr Kofi Anokye

The new land Act contains nothing new caused is like reprinting the old existing laws.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with some selected media houses, the CEO of Koans Estate Mr Kofi Anokye, stated that the New Act does incriminate anyone but rather wasted of state resources, without consulting key stakeholders involved.

According to him, no other court or police can incriminating any functions on a land dispute while there is a case pending already.

Mr.Anokye also make an appeal to government to channel the Nabco money to built the youth career than employing them.

The reasons for developing the youth career will create more employment for them, cause if he/she been train as a tailor or semtress, carpenter, wilder, mechanic and engaging them into farming will yield better results for the state to benefit.

He recounted how local businesses are collapsing due to white paper job and government too encouraging it by introducing Nabco.

According to him, the Nabco programme will rather deeping unemployment rate in the country and businesses will collapse if care is not taken.

“Let’s look at this if apprentice is not there in two years or more that master cannot survived”he recounted.

Ghana need leaders that could think outside the box and not within.

According to him, the continue cost of borrowing and increasing of taxes will bring more hardship to Ghanaian’s and indigenous businesses.

By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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