Never show too much of these things to a woman at any point.

1. Never show women too much attention:

You should not be the type of man that expects to see his lady on a regular basis. It is unhealthy and unrealistic. She is under the impression that this is what she wants, but with time, she has grown less enthusiastic about the concept.

When you spend an excessive quantity of time with her, she will discover everything that you have to give and you will have nothing further to demonstrate to her after that.

She will chase you for the rest of your life if you only permit her to see you twice a week since she hasn’t been able to grab all of your attention yet. If you only allow her to see you twice a week, she will only be able to see you once every seven days.

If you are too accessible to her, she may say something like “I thought I wanted this, but now I’m bored.” Therefore, it is important that you avoid being too available to her.

The most effective strategy for eliciting a response from women is to put them in a position of shortage.

2. Do not make women too aware of the difficulties you are experiencing:

When you are feeling particularly vulnerable, you should avoid being with ladies. Typically, they will be phrased as something along the lines of “hey sweetheart, discuss with me your worries, you can trust me,” or a similar expression.

The same people who will use the secrets you share with them against you when an argument arises and they want to attack you are the same people who will use your secrets against you when an argument arises and they want to attack you.

When you tell someone too much about their problems, they lose interest in helping you solve them because they feel like they already know everything. There is a possibility that others would view you as a helpless victim who has no choice but to accept their lot in life.

3. Never show women too much of your past:

You run the danger of them changing their opinion of you when you successfully change their perspective. Women will judge you on every facet of your life, including the way you were raised and who your family members were.

Keep control of her while still letting her enjoy the present moment as much as possible.

4. Do not provide women an excessive amount of information on your future:

True guys know that the best way to communicate with others is through their silence. Because women have already seen the person you will turn into as a result of your plan, they should not be allowed to take part in it.

It’s best not to let on to women that you’re in the process of building a house or that you’re going to get a promotion within the next six months after you’ve met them. As a consequence of this, she will act as though she loves you even though she does not.

5. Never show that they can move you off-center:

You are going to be put through your paces by a number of different women. You are not obligated to fall into their trap since they will be quite emotional about it.

When they realize that a specific action has alerted you to something or caused you to feel a certain feeling, they will continue to target that place in the hopes of eliciting such responses from you.

Don’t lower yourself to such a low level if you want to be successful in life. When compared to men, women play in an altogether different league.

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