The National Council of Private School Teachers (NCOPST) is the sole owner of the NCOPST Crowdfunding website which was sponsored by Ackon James, NCOPST Director and Katie Barrow, a teacher and Education Lead from UK.

Mr Nandiana Gilbert, Mr Isaac Owusu and their team are the developers of the website.

The purpose of the crowdfunding website is to help private teachers and Schools to raise funds for
A. Supporting critical health condition,
B. furthering Education,
C supporting school Projects
D. supporting old aged private school teachers

A. Critical health condition
Many private school teachers are hit by unforeseen circumstances such as critical health condition (stroke, cancer, kidney problem etc) during and after teaching (in the Service and on retirement) which needs financial support above the employer (school) and the victim’s family. Situation of this nature, the victim can write a story, publish on the crowdfunding Website for fundraising to support pay his or her hospital bills

B. Teacher Upgrade – Education
Teachers in the private schools in Ghana and beyond (Africa) cannot afford to further Education because of the hand-to-mouth salary. This website gives teachers who want to further Education the Opportunity to raise funds to further their Education. Having your Admission letter as a prove will persuade donors to support you.

C. School Projects
Many private schools are contributing massively to the National Development of Ghana and beyond (Africa) yet they are neglected when it comes to sharing of the national cake among public and private schools in Ghana which the law demands.

Many private schools in Ghana and West Africa, have their structures made of wood and mud. Many private schools cannot afford to employ graduates. Many private schools do not have a single computer nor computer lab, science lab etc.

This category of schools can raise funds for school Projects

D. Old aged private school teachers
Most old aged private school teachers are suffering in many ways. Some find it difficult to get food, shelter, quality healthcare and caretakers.

Most of the old aged private school teachers are abandoned in their villages without caretakers.

These victims can also write a story on the NCOPST Foundation Website to solicit for financial support

Thank you

Ackon James
NCOPST Director

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