Most Ghanaian workers are thieves – GUTA president

Dr Joseph Obeng GUTA12121 Dr Joseph Obeng GUTA1212112121314Dr. Joseph Obeng, president of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), has stated that most Ghanaian workers are thieves.

Addressing an audience at the National Economic Summit held at Movenpick Accra, he claimed that a significant number of Ghanaian workers are engaging in dishonest practices, attributing this behavior to the changing values and attitudes prevalent in society.

Dr. Obeng highlighted the shift in guidance that individuals now receive, asserting that the current trend promotes a mentality of making quick money and becoming one’s own boss.

He lamented the departure from the traditional values instilled by mothers, who used to encourage hard work as the key to success.

According to Dr. Obeng, the shift has contributed to a rise in dishonest behavior among workers.

“For now, people are looking for skills and truthfulness. If you like, take it as part of your program to go to all manufacturers or traders and ask them how the attitudes of Ghanaian workers are.

“You will be told that most of them are thieves because, in the olden days, our mothers used to advise us to work hard. But now, things have changed,” Dr. Obeng stated.

When the host inquired further whether he agreed that Ghanaian workers are thieves, he responded, “the majority of them.”

The GUTA president asserted that this change in mindset has created challenges for employers in Ghana, with many of them reportedly suffering due to the dishonest actions of their workers.

He urged a reevaluation of societal values and a return to emphasizing hard work and integrity in the pursuit of success.

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