Meet The Only African Country Where Prostitution is Legalized Constitutionally

This is one of the oldest jobs in the world, and people have always thought it was disgusting and terrible. But one thing is for sure: prostitution will always be there, no matter what the rules are or how legal it is.

Some countries have banned it outright, while others have tried to control it by promoting the health and social benefits of sex workers. Some people aren’t happy about a plan by Malawi to give hookers money to start small businesses in exchange for giving up sex work. This is because women in Malawi are more likely to be poor and have HIV.

People in Senegal can have sex. It is legal and supervised. As the first African country to regulate prostitution, Senegal has the honor of being the first one to do so legally. The only rule is that it must be done in an unobtrusive way. It was legal to have sex in 1966 for the first time.

Because of the widespread illegality of sex work, the humiliation, the viciousness, and the powerless healthcare systems, Africa has a very bad reputation around the world. People in Senegal can do sex work because the country passed its law in 1969.

A sex worker in Senegal must be at least 21 years old, register with the police, have a valid health card, and be free of sexually transmitted infections in order to be able to work legally in the country (articles 318 to 327). If you work in sex, you also need to go to approved enrollment centers on a regular basis to get health checks. Recognized proof cards show that they are sex workers and give them free health care, contraception, and education.

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