Meet the boy who suffered with skin disease for 12 years

Meet a Young boy who suffered with skin disease for 12 years, His name is Damour and his father is Joseph, his mother gave birth normally and there was nothing wrong with her, but they were shocked when they see their baby with shocking skin, his parents were thinking that he was not going to live a long time.
After giving birth to Damour, his parents were advised to take him to the hospital, but unfortunately they couldn’t survive because the hospital bill was very expensive, so they failed to take him hospital because they didn’t afford it.

Damour is facing many challenges because it is hard for other kids to accept to play with him because of skin condition, and some bullies call him a frog because of his skin.

His skin shocking lot of people and nobody allowed to touch him, because his skin is very hot and it burns them, even the clothes he does not just wearing any clothes, he wears heavy clothes.

His father sometimes uses water to cool his skin when is very hot, and most of the time when he is at school and his skin starts burning he returns home immediately.


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