Meet A Tribe Whose Women Don’t Wear Clothes. Take A Look At What They Are Afraid Of

Women in the Koma tribe of Nigeria don’t put on clothes because they are afraid of dying. They think that putting on clothes will cause their gods to slay them or render them infertile.

The people of Koma, who are Shamba speakers who inhabit the northern region of Adamawa State in Northern Nigeria, think that if women wear clothes the gods will become enraged and punish them with death or barrenness.

It was also found that a Koma man might, as a symbol of acceptance, share his wife with friends, particularly tourists.

In the village of Koma, this is still done, and there are no immediate intentions to stop. There are many different cultures and traditions in our world.

Would you prefer to go on a vacation to a place like this? If the answer is yes, would you take a wife if you were offered one for the time you would spend there? Please comment below let’s know your opinion. Please remember to like and share this article.

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