Medical reasons why some people feel itchy after bathing

Did you know that there are certain reasons why a person can feel itchy immediately after taking a shower? Bathing or showering is a natural invigorating exercise that is supposed to keep one’s body clean and germ-free, but some people feel different after bathing, causing them confusion and trouble.

Therefore, in this article according to the publication Medical News Today, we will review some of the reasons why some people experience itching after bathing or showering. Just sit back and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What causes some people to feel itchy after bathing?

1. Dry skin – this is the most common cause of itching after bathing. This occurs when water and detergents strip the body’s skin of the natural oils it needs to keep it moisturized, causing dry skin and causing itchy skin problems. Dry skin is the number one cause of dry skin and if you manage to address the root cause of dryness, your itching will go away.

2. Eczema – this is a skin condition that occurs due to inflammation of the skin which can cause the body to become very dry. Eczema is a chronic skin condition associated with severe itching and excessive dryness of the skin. People often experience more itching after bathing. If you have eczema, this is the cause of persistent itching after bathing.

3. Your itching after bathing can also be a reaction to the detergent you use. Some scented detergents can cause itching after a shower, especially if the person has used scented products on the towels. Therefore, using a towel after bathing can transfer some of the chemicals used in making detergents to the skin and cause itching if the skin reacts.

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