Man commits suicide after killing his girlfriend

The woman was struck with a hammer on the forehead by her boyfriend after she had been stabbed eight times.

A 38-year-old man stabbed his girlfriend to death before committing suicide on November 16.

The woman was struck with a hammer on the forehead by her boyfriend after she had been stabbed eight times.

The knife was left in her body.

A short while later, the partner, who had fled the scene, killed himself near Olifantsfontein.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Captain Ben Matimulane, spokesman for the Ivory Park SAPS.

“What the couple was arguing about is still unknown. It is known that domestic violence-related behaviours have impacted them in the past.”

A case of murder has been opened at the Ivory Park SAPS while an inquest has been opened at the Olifantsfontein SAPS.

Brigadier David Mbongeni Ngcobo, the station commander of the Ivory Park SAPS, has expressed horror over the gruesome murder of the woman.

“The brutality meted out to this woman ought to inspire all law-abiding community members to take a strong stand against the epidemic of gender-based violence.

“Due to this, two children have now become traumatised and orphaned,” said Ngcobo.

The station commander further requested the community, the families, and the victims to never look for justifications for an abuser’s conduct, such as placing the blame on oneself, stress or even witchcraft.

He emphasised that as soon as someone exhibits abusive behaviour, people seeing it and being the target must take urgent action before it is too late.

“Victims should report these behaviours as soon as they occur to the police, social workers and their families.

The police are better equipped to help victims thanks to their victim-friendly facilities and a group of officers with specialized training on issues relating to gender-based violence.

“Controlling behaviour, looking through your phone, threatening to hurt you and then really hurting you, insults, blaming you for not being adequate in many ways or selling your joint property without your consent are all signs of abuse,” said Ngcobo.

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