LGBTQI+ group gathers at Parliament to demand passage of Marriage Equality Bill

Members of the LGBTQI+ rights movement on Wednesday submitted a letter calling on the House of Representatives to pass the Marriage Equality Bill, which would make the marriage law applicable to any couple, regardless of their gender.

The letter was received by Tankhun Jitt-itsara, Secretary to the Political Working Group of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, at the parliament complex on Kiak Kai Road, Bangkok.

The LGBTQI+ group said they do not accept the government’s Civil Partnership Bill, which does not fully endorse same-sex marriage, and that they are demanding equal treatment and not special treatment.

The Civil Partnership Bill, drafted by the Justice Ministry, received cabinet approval on June 7 and will be put to a vote in the House this month.

The Marriage Equality Bill, proposed by the opposition Move Forward Party (MFP), was rejected by the cabinet. The government’s justification was that the MFP’s proposed draft was simply redundant given the government-sponsored draft bill.

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