Last Longer With These Natural And Herbal Remedies

Sometimes a lot of guys complain about their inability to last longer in bed during intercourse. This article provides some natural ways to help you last longer in bed.

1. Stop being too excited about sex: Being too excited triggers the brain to release oxytocin which is a hormone that controls ejaculation. This causes premature release. Learn about the hormones of your brain and the part they play when it comes to sex.

2. Think of the act of sex as taking a journey and not something that happens instantaneously. Always relax and take things slow.

3. Exercise – At least exercise three times a week. Exercise has been found to increase men stability in bed.

4. Avoid sugar completely : Avoiding sugar for about a month or two, will bring improvement and help you to last longer.

5. Sometimes too it could be stress: If it is stress then you have to physce yourself and relax before having intercourse.

Herbal Remedies

You may try one of these remedies.

1. Blend some ginger, coconut, tiger nut and dates. Add some water to it and refrigerate it. Be drinking this regularly. You will surely last longer.

2. Also eat banana regularly and always include garlic in your meals.

3. Soak cloves, negro pepper, ayerewa and efam wisa. And drink it morning and evening. You will get all the ingredients from the women who sell spices

Get original colgate toothpaste, apply it on the shaft, and leave it for sometime before you wash down. Try it. Moreover, do not focus too much on the beauty of the lady and don’t rush fucking. Do not try doggy on the first round.

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