The Divisional chief for Okper traditional area Nene Teye Agor( IX) has challenged the Divisional chiefs in Yilo krobo Traditional area to help build Kroboland

He said the Divisional chiefs are fathers of their communites and it is their responsibility to champion and enhance progress, growth and development of their communities

He made the call when nene Teye Agor( IX) inspected ongoing project at somanya Okper.
and donated Hundreds(100) bags of cement to Two( 2) communities, Pleyo and Sikabing basic school.

Nene Teye Agor (IX) thank the management of electricity company of Ghana for the effort made in restoring power to kroboland.

He thank the inspector General of police( IGP) and the media, member of parliament and municipal chief executive(MCEs) stakeholders who played various roles for power to be restored.

Nene Teye Agor also advice the people of the kroboland that as much as it’s deemed a right to enjoy the electricity supply, it is also their responsibility to pay utility or electricity bills.

Nene Teye Agor Urged the people of the krobo Land to remain law abiding as the chiefs continue to engage the ECG and PURC to address legitimate concerns.
As an interview with Nenebi Ayertey David Journalist Rite fm somanya

God bless Krobo land
God bless our homeland Ghana Make it great and strong.
Thank you
Signed …. Nene Teye( IX) Okper divisional chief Yilo krobo.

By :Nenebi Ayertey David

( Rite fm somanya)

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