Kasoa: Man climbs high tension pole and ends his own life over hardship in Ghana


Residents of Galilea, a suburb of Kasoa did not receive good news today as a young man perhaps in his mid thirties has committed suicide.

According to eyewitnesses, he claimed he was tired of life and the current state of the economy. ”

In the video, the man climbed a high tension pole tried getting unto the main electricity wires. Some of the onlookers were heard urging him to come down but he didn’t. Others fruitlessly insulted him to stop. He stepped on the wires and a high voltage of electricity, sadly devoured him.


“Those people taking videos of scenes must be arrested. Because you saw him climbing the high tension and you didn’t prevent him than rather standing there taking videos of it . And saying gyai gyemii no !! They must be arrested now.” A user wrote.

“Taking your own life is never an option for whatever you are going through. And l think it’s time we take mental health issues seriously as a country. But no one should think of commiting suicide.” A user advised.

“Sometimes just a word of plea could have change people’s mindset.How can you be encouraging someone to commit suicide , when he died you are now crying.Hmmm no pity for humanity again.” A user added.

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