John Dramani Mahama has made the NDC more attractive

It’s now all-clear, President John Dramani Mahama joins the race to the presidency in the next polls. Even before he declared his intentions, calls for him to give it a third and final shot were overwhelming.

It was therefore heartwarming to see some four unions make a donation to the former president to support in the purchase of his nomination forms. Like the millions of Ghanaians, I am all out for President Mahama in the 2024 elections.

The personality and works of John Mahama have added a lot of colour to the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Many people like myself root for the NDC because of John Mahama and its socialist background. He has made the party more attractive in many ways with how he led Ghanaians when he had the opportunity to be President.

He is such an insightful and intelligent man whose legacy in his term as Vice President and subsequently President shall transcend generations. His style of leadership today resonates with many of the youth. His enemies keep finding ways to cleverly disguise his good works and have always tried to ruin his reputation with false propaganda. But truth shall always stand.

There’s no any better candidate now to lead the NDC and Ghana but the great John Mahama who has been gifted with great leadership qualities. If we are a bit more honest and devoid of hypocrisy in this country, we will all offer a more objective, insightful and nuanced perspective on the current happenings in the country hence giving John Mahama and the NDC a chance back to power.

The infrastructural achievements of the NDC during Mahama’s tenure of office are too numerous to count: almost every region in the country then got a state-of-the-art hospitals and other medical facilities. Some already existing ones like the Ridge hospital in Accra got upgraded, these towering legacies of the John Mahama’s administration can never be erased in Ghana’s history no matter the level of hatred people have for the man.

John Mahama’s main opponents, who are now messing up in government with brutal incompetence, are blessed with the confidence of the competent without the competence itself. It’s sad that we have to keep enduring bad governance until the next general elections. It’s a sign of absolute failure when leaders loot state coffers for their families and friends leaving the country so decrepit for the ordinary citizens.

We, as youths, must muster the guts to always poke where no one wants to look in order to provoke our leaders to do the right thing. It’s sad that this government is doing anyhow yet cannot take a sip of their own piss. They come against you when you question their corrupt unexplained wealth. This has affected our cost of living and we are submerged in water, drowning. I’m worried about the continuous state plundering with impunity yet many of us are just quiet while suffering and smiling.

I believe strongly that President Mahama should be given a second chance to rescue this country from the abyss it has found itself in. We deserve better than what we’re currently experiencing from this government. Almost everyone is feeling the pinch and let’s not say both parties are the same when we know deep down our hearts that the NDC is better with Mr. Mahama being its leader considering what he achieved with the four (4) years he had as a president.

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