Is sex required during pregnancy? Time to know

Is it right to have sex during pregnancy?

If Sex during pregnancy is right or wrong, is totally depends on the woman health condition. During pregnancy, people should be careful about sex. It might be dangerous for pregnant woman.

From miscarriage to pain, a lot problems can be appear if not take care properly. So before engaging in sexual activities, please consult with your doctor if it is safe.

Is sex during pregnancy is normal?

During pregnancy, it’s normal to have sexual desire. During pregnancy hormones activities in body increases. Due to this, there is many physical and psychological changes happens in woman body. Many woman feel more sexual urge during pregnancy than normal condition due to this hormones activities.

Is there benefits of sex during pregnancy?

There is several benefits to have sex during pregnancy.

Physical benefits : During pregnancy, doctors used to advice for light physical activities. It help body to increase it’s stress handling capability. Sex is known as best exercise for both body and mind. So sex could be beneficial during pregnancy as it’s works as good exercise for body. But there is a lot differences between sex in normal conditions and pregnancy. People have to mind the health conditions of the pregnant woman. She should not be pushed for a lot physical stress that could be harmful for her. Husband has a greater responsibility due wife pregnancy.

Pain relief : During pregnancy, woman feels a lot pain. There is many hormones that body use to relief from pain. During sex these hormones activities increases a lot. So if any woman engage in sex during pregnancy, she would feels lesser pain. My experience of having sex during my pregnancy also validate the same.

Mental relief : During pregnancy, woman goes through a lot mental pressure. Sex is know one of the best thing that can give relief from mental distress. It is also applicable during pregnancy.

What precautions should be taken while having sex during pregnancy?

First consult with your doctor. If doctor gives OK than people should go for sex during pregnancy.

Second, before having sex, woman should try to evaluate her body if she feeling well or not. Any type of anxiety, suffocating feeling, tiredness etc should not be ignored. Woman should have sex only when she feels 100% OK.

Third, not all sexual positions are suitable for sex during pregnancy. People can try following positions during pregnancy.

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