Interesting Ways Some Animals Have Sex


Sex in the animal kingdom takes on many interesting forms. For males in the animal kingdom, attracting a female is not always easy. Evolution has given rise to some pretty unique sex strategies that help animals select the mate with the strongest genes, meaning their offspring will have the best start in life. Below are five types of animals that show some pretty unique sex strategies.

1. Chimpanzees: Both male and female chimps elicit sex, though in a more brazen way. If a female is interested in a male, she will put her swollen bottom right up in his face. When a male chimp wants sex, he shakes a tree branch or displays his erect penis to a female.

Male chimps prefer older female chimps, these experienced females have the most sex. A few seconds after a male chimp mounts a female from behind, the deed is already done.

2. Elephants: During courtship, a male and female elephant will rub their bodies on each other and even wrap trunks. The females tend to run away from the males and the males will have to pursue them. This game of cat and mouse can continue for a long time before actual mating occurs.

Elephants do not have many options when it comes to new sex positions. The female reproductive tract of an elephant is directly below her back legs, so the male needs to stand completely upright to mate with the female.

3. Frogs: Once a female frog approaches her chosen mate, he will typically embrace her in a position known as amplexus. This most often takes the form of the male jumping on the back of the female, grasping her either behind the arms or around the waist. Depending on the species of frogs, mating pairs can remain clasped together for hours, days, and even months.

4. Tortoise: Typically, the male bobs his head at the female and nips at her front legs and the front edges of her shell. This usually makes her stop and pull in her head and limbs. The male then moves around to her rear and mounts. Female Seychelles giant tortoise appears to select the best males by constantly “pushing” themselves around before sex, says Gerlach.

5. Camels: Camels are the only ungulates that copulate in a couched position; in nature, the mating usually takes around one hour, and the copulation time last about 10-20 minutes, with ejaculation occurring three or four times.

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