Imam of Darul Hadith Institute for Islamic studies calls for peace in Bawku

The Muslim Community in Kumasi have added their voice on calls for sustainable peace to return in Bawku to save lives and livelihoods.

Addressing the media, Imam of Darul Hadith Institute for Islamic studies, Sheikh Anas Tawfiq Ibrahim expressed worry over the continuous loss of lives and how the conflict is retarding development in the once vibrant and business town.

“The situation in Bawku remains of great concern to us and the Muslim community at large. We should endeavour to tear down structures that sustain conflict and segregation, and lift up structures that promote national cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Instead of fighting together, we should be rallying together to deal with our true and common enemies – poverty, hunger, inequality, youth unemployment, terrorism, and violent extremism”.

Sheikh Anas implored the feuding factions to cease fire and live in harmony for the sake of peace and development.

“Bawku is sadly becoming a ghost town; the people are becoming refugees in their own country. We at Darul Hadith renew our call to the people of Bawku to do more and lay down their weapons in the spirit of peace and unity that Islam teaches. We plead that they silence their guns and peacefully coexist.

“We call on all who matter to join hands in waging an enduring peace in Bawku”.

The leader of the Darul Hadith Institute also entreated the youth and other stakeholders to be measured and exercise some level of moderation in their pronouncement in order to restore peace.

The ministers of Defence and Interior have also been tasked to do more.

“We call on the Minister of Denfese and Minister for Interior, being sons of the north to do more in resolving the conflict in Bawku. The President has done it all by entrusting the security of the country into your hands, so there should be absolutely no justification for this conflict to continue in a relatively small area like Bawku”.

Achieving peace in Bawku, according to the group, will not come by force – hence a call of the military and state-actors to respect human rights and prioritize the safety of non-combatants civilians.

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