If You Notice These 10 Things In Your Dream, Know That God Is Speaking To You

While sleeping, we frequently have dreams. Some dreams can be remembered, while others fade away completely. God usually sends dreams to men since it is one of the ways He communicates with them. God generally speaks to men through dreams while they sleep, according to Job 33:14-15. God is able to communicate critical facts that a person might not have gotten when awake in this manner. As a result, dreams are significant and should not be dismissed.

Dreams can also be used by the devil to manipulate people. When this occurs, we may experience attacks in our dreams that have an impact on us. So, how do you know whether a dream is from God or from the devil? The following signs may suggest that a dream is from God:

1. Doesn’t contradict God’s word

God values his word so much that he has chosen to exalt it above his own name. As a result, when God reveals something to us through dreams, he cannot contradict the Bible. This allows us a clear understanding of God’s ways. It also enables us to comprehend the dream since we may interpret it using scripture.

2. The dream is enlightening rather than causing fear.

You become enlightened when God shows himself to you through a dream. The dream does not make you anxious; rather, it motivates you to take action. It may be a forewarning, but the Holy Spirit will give you assurance, and you will be filled with gratitude rather than worry and sorrow. The certainty it provides is a manifestation of God’s love for you, who chooses to reveal something to you in order to spare you from suffering. If you’re evil, you should be worried, but it should only lead to repentance, not fear and regret.

3. There is an important warning in the dream.

When we are awake, we may not realize when God is warning us about something. As a result, the greatest moment for God to send us the warning is when we are asleep. It is expected that we heed the warning in order to avoid suffering as a result of disregarding God’s promptings.

4. It gives you direction.

If the dream leads you in the right route, it is from God. When God reveals something to us through dreams, we can act on it, avoiding danger and making mistakes. When God Herod attempted to assassinate Jesus, Joseph was among those who received instructions through visions. In a dream, God’s Angel appeared to Joseph and urged him to flee to Egypt until the proper time (Matthew 2:13-23).

5. You are not emotionally drained by the dream

There are some nightmares that make you feel uneasy because they inspire anxiety and perplexity. A dream from God, on the other hand, does not emotionally deplete you. Rather, it uplifts you and leaves you in a state of emotional stability.

6. You feel a spiritual awakening coming on.

A spiritual awakening will occur as a result of a dream contact with God. In your spiritual life, you will notice a shift and awakening. In Genesis 28:10-22, Jacob was sleeping and saw a stairway laying on the earth with its too stretching to heaven, on which God’s angels were ascending and descending. Jacob’s life was changed forever by this amazing dream.

7. The dream inspires optimism.

The dream from God instills hope and dispels dread. God’s nature is to instill hope in his offspring. God has wonderful ideas for us, according to Jeremiah 29:11. They are strategies for success rather than calamity.

8. It motivates you to take action.

A dream from God will often prompt you to take action in order to avoid harm and bring God’s objectives to fruition. For example, God gave Pharaoh a dream, which Joseph understood, and together they worked to save the Egyptian and Israelite generations.

9. The dream is a source of inner tranquility.

God’s dream offers serenity to the heart. It provides solace and comfort. God’s benefits make rich and add no sadness, as Proverbs 10:22 puts it. A dream that comes from God is the same way.

10. Clearly written directions

The dreams that God sends our us are very clear. This is to avoid any ambiguity and ensure that you act on the dream based on specific instructions.

What other signs can we look for to see if God is speaking to us via our dreams?

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