If you dream about dead family members then it indicates this

Many such dreams are told in dream science which mean good and bad. According to such a dream, there are many categories of dreams. In these, some dreams give us happiness, then some dreams come and we get scared. At the same time, we often see those people who are no longer in this world. Yes and in them we have dead relatives or close relatives. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the meaning of seeing dead relatives in a dream.

# It is said that if a member of the family has died after getting sick and he appears very healthy in the dream, then it means that he has been born in a good place after death.


# It is said that if a healthy person has died and he appears ill in the dream, then it is a sign that he has a wish and wants to fulfill it through you.

# It is said that in the dream, the relatives of the deceased started appearing, but if they do not speak, then it means that our families are warning about the activities going on in our lives.

# It is said that if the dead family in the dream come and bless them, then it means that you will get success in whatever work you are thinking of doing.

# It is said that if a living person is seen dead in a dream, then that person’s age increases and it is auspicious.

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