I Will never listen to jealous people who say my man is abusive, He was drunk and made a mistake

The world is full of people who are in abusive relationships. They are beaten, sometimes wounded, and yet they stay. They stay because they hope that the person will change one day. Or they stay because they have been brainwashed with gifts and money they get from their abuser.

According to a post circulating on social media, a woman has warned people asking her to live with her man because he’s been abusive to her physically. She warned people not to meddle in her affairs. She’s fine with him. He only hits her when he’s drunk. She loves him. He’s already promised to give her money and get a loan for her.

I really love my man and I will never listen to jealous people who say he abuses me physically. I know my boyfriend. He was just drunk and made a mistake by hitting me. I won’t report him to the police because he promised to get a loan for me since he is a soldier. She said

Her statement shows that many women living with violent men are the cause because many of them are blinded by the gifts and money they get. Some of these women stay because of material things. They only come out to seek justice when things get worse.

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