I will establish women wing zone fund to Support Women in my constituency……Ms Christabella Dickson Tabbi.

According to Ms. Christabella Dickson Tabbi the Aspiring woman organizer for the ruling New Patriotic Party for Amansie West constituency has stated that women played some significant role in development of every country which she said she will collaborates with other state agencies including other NGOs to set up women wing zone fund to support the women in the constituency.

My major priority for the women in Amansie West constituency is to ensure that their living conditions are improved and the best way to make it reality is to support them financially and equip them to become self employed.
It’s so annoyed that some of our women are giving ghc500.00 and ghc700.00 as loans and what can our women do with such amount so my women wing zone fund will raise huge money for our women to establish business and pay them later.” she excavated”
The governing New Patriotic Party has commenced it’s constituency election to elect new executives to steer the affairs of the party for the next four years.

However Manso Nkwanta constituency is to hold it’s constituency election on Sunday, May 1st 2022 at the forecourt of the District Assembly Hall.Over six hundred delegates are expected to cast their votes to elect ten party members to be constituency executives and help the part to maintain power as the are seeking to break the eight in 2024.

As the proverb of Alan says behind the front of men is a strong force of women, Mrs Christabel Tabbi stated that she will work work with other party executives including various NGOs to solicit funds to support women in the Constituency and that will liberate women of the Constituency and the poling stations.
I’m going to build a strong disciplined and we’ll resourced women network across the Constituency and the poling stations, honor women of today and yesterday through symbolic activities and periodic festivities.” She stated”.
Ms. Christabella Tabbi who was asked about the 2024 party’s ambition to break the eight opined that she will empower the females in the partyal and also win new members from other Political opponents and that will help the party to achieve it’s breaking the eight agenda.

In conclusion Mrs Christabel Tabbi indicated that unity is very essential in any Political organisation and she said she will bring together unity among the party leadership including those in various poling stations and that is the only way the party can beak the eight

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