How Many Times Should Couples Meet In A Week?

How many times should couples meet in a week? This question has left many people confused and disturbed. However, how often you get intimate with your partner depends on so many factors.

In this article, we will look at what some experts think about this topic.

According to Sunday Elasonru, It should be done as their bodies demand.

Couples should get intimate as their bodies desire. They can do it every day depending on their desire and urge. He also suggested that there should be no limit to intimacy between couples. They belong to each other and must enjoy themselves as long as the marriage lasts.

According to Esther Bello, work and closeness affect the rate at how often couples get intimate.

It depends on the nature of their work and how close they are. At some point in the marriage, one of the partners might not always be at home especially the husband. She also thinks that It is improper to engage in intimacy every day because it makes you feel tired and exhausted thereby depriving you of energy to engage in other activities. You can play games with your partner, watch movies together, and dance together, it is fun and makes you think less about intimacy.

Idris Salami thinks that intimacy should be done twice weekly.

Under natural conditions, couples should get intimate at least twice weekly. A lot of things would always come in; work, children, chores, and personal obligations but irrespective of all these you should always make out time to satisfy your partner at least twice a week. Intimacy is very necessary to relax the muscles, satisfy the body and enjoy the moment with one’s spouse.

According to Ugochukwu Okpara, intimacy shouldn’t have a timetable

There shouldn’t be a timetable for intimacy because it bonds the couple’s love and improves the level of closeness in the marriage. There should be no boundary for intimacy and it should not have restrictions. It can happen every day, it can be twice per week, thrice, or even once. The major thing is there should be no limit to it.

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