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Hopes and Promises the two brothers that rule my country.

Attuah Ansah Philip { Philip The Seer}

It was on this hill I stood around 1: 22 am, It was windy and crowded. Birds were whispering, animals in the bush were running. The crowd before me is disturbing, I could see the children among them crying and the adults were asking many questions. Some were fighting and others were running for their lives. I can not describe what i saw , it seems The Seer was dreaming. Geographically, this hill is located in West Africa and it is called Ghana.

A certain family has taken control over the hill, Hopes and Promises. These two brothers are confusing and convincing the indigenous who lives here. Their parents Religion and Governance are whipping those in the darkness who do not have flashlights to find their way. This is the state of life for my people now in Ghana. Those who are schooling in our tertiary institution are hoping to find jobs, maybe after completion while those who have found jobs are with promises that they may be paid. It is hard to guarantee anything that comes with these two brothers’ Hopes and Promises. Our way of lives and the institutions built in the country is such that you don’t have a guarantee for what you wish for, whatever depends on hope or promise and you cant not trust these brothers in the storm of life.

Their parents Religion and Governance are making things worse to handle and the adult now has their destiny at hand. This powerful force is ruling our country now. When you graduate from school, life turns to be Hopes and promises’ it time we need to build our institutions and make thing works. The church and the government will always assure you with hope, the members or the citizens take those promises, believing in God that it will happen. Almost everyone found his/her under the control of these brothers and their parents. When will this family stop rule my country? The earlier we start building strong institutions the better for the next generation if not may history be our witness.

Source: Attuah Ansah Philip { Philip The Seer}

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