Health benefits Of Negro Pepper “Hwentia” To Humans


Logical name; Xylopia aethiopica

English name; Grains of Selim

Various names:

Ethiopian pepper

Senegal pepper

kili pepper

Africa pepper

Chimba – Hausa

Eeru Alamo – Yoruba

Uda – Igbo

Hwentia – Fante/Twi


Dietary benefit


Copper, zinc, protein, camphene, manganese, Alkaloids, Diter penic, Limonene, Folic destructive, Flavanoid, Vitamins: A, B1, B2, C and E.


Health benefits

1. Usage of Negro pepper is valuable for fighting gastrointestinal disorder due to its adversary of wilderness fever property.


2. Negro pepper has antimicrobial properties to fight against microbial assault which wreck the body.

3. Usage of negro pepper by as of late imagined mothers is vital to clear blood bunches in the midsection after transport.


4. Nursing mothers should gobble up Negro pepper to help their craving and making of milk after work.


5. Use of Negro pepper by women who recently conveyed, helps with empowering retouching of wounds in the gut and recovery measure.


6. Negro pepper is valuable for battling respiratory upsets like Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Asthma.


7. The cell fortifications properties in Negro pepper prevent and obliterate the advancement of threatening development cells.


8. Usage of Negro pepper is valuable for battling microorganisms or animals that cause syphilis.


9. Negro pepper has torment easing influence so its use is really smart to diminish general torture.

10. Negro pepper has moderating properties to fight Rheumatism.


11. Standard usage of Negro pepper is strong for treating gastric ulcer.


12. Standard usage of Negro pepper helps readiness.


13. Usage of Negro pepper is helpful for the treatment of compelling sicknesses, for instance, hack, flu and cold.


14. The antibacterial properties in Negro pepper is useful in the clash of toothache.


15. The antibacterial properties in Negro pepper help to wipe out organisms in the stomach and stomach related framework which fix detachment of the entrails.


16. Negro pepper is use as typical safeguard to control scattering of adolescents by warming up the seeds with simply water , take the plan after sex.


17. Standard usage of Negro pepper raises weight decrease to ensure a sound weight control.


18. The crushed seeds of Negro pepper is astoundingly convincing in the treatment of air pocket, shivers and skin discharge when applied clearly on the skin.

19. The concentrate from Negro pepper plants is used as bug showers to fight dreadful little animal assault.


20. Negro pepper is an added substance.

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