Health benefits of coconut that may boost your immune system.

Coconut is a high fat fruit that is highly nutritious and has been associated with a wide range of health benefits.

Ideally, coconut water should have only one ingredient.we recommend opting for varieties that are 100%.coconut water without any added sugar.

Coconut provides good source of nutrients and electrolytes.

It promote healthy skin.

It also reduce blood pressure and stoke risk.

It assist with weight management and help cure a hangover.


For ages, coconut water has been used as is thought to help improve sexual function by increasing libido and blood flow.


Eating coconut and tender coconut during pregnancy is safe and highly recommend in moderate quantities.coconut water should be used in moderation and not as a substitute for water during pregnancy.

To get all benefits but none of the risk keep your intake of unsweetened coconut water to no more than two or three cups per day actively.

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