First and foremost, I’m sometimes flabbergasted and taken aback, particularly by the kind of argument some people make about the Tamale South Constituency seat.

Some erroneously opined that Haruna Iddrisu cannot be defeated as if he has performed exceptionally well when it comes to tackling the teething developmental challenges in the Constituency.

All because he has enjoyed a monopoly for a long time since the creation of the Tamale South Constituency in 2004. However, this doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated with a formidable force poised and ready to change the dynamics of politics in the Constituency.

Candidly, I have been in the Constituency for so many years and his dominance doesn’t tally with the low level of development and progress of the Constituency. The sorry state of the Constituency leaves much to be desired.

To state it categorically, the Constituency is bedeviled and faced with lots of developmental challenges ranging from human capital to physical infrastructure development respectively without any proper solution from the member of Parliament.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, from 1996 to 2004, the Gukpegu/Sabongida under the watch of the late revered Hon. Mustapha Ali Iddris performed creditably well with some major developmental projects in the areas of roads, electricity, and water.

In 2004, the Constituency was split from Gukpegu/Sabongida to Tamale South Constituency where Hon. Haruna Iddrisu had the chance to win the seat under certain delicate matters at that time where he capitalized on it to blindfold the good people.

Instructively, it’s out of place for anyone to have the mindset that he can’t be defeated with the level of poor development in the Constituency under his watch for close to 20 years as the people’s representative.

Fast forward, to why he can and will be defeated with a stout-hearted and fearless candidate. Before Hon. Haruna Iddrisu defeated the late Hon. Mustapha Ali Iddris, he couldn’t boast of anything at his disposal yet he managed to scale through to become a member of Parliament for the good people of Tamale South Constituency.

In addition, he served in different ministries when the NDC had the opportunity to rule from 2009 to 2016 yet the residents are engulfed with lots of challenges day in and day out without any serious intervention from the underperforming MP.

It’s quite nauseating when some people believe that he can’t be defeated again without pinpointing his track record as a member of Parliament for Tamale South Constituency. What they sometimes argue is that the people love him without showing his good records or performance to back their claims.

In previous articles on why he has taken the good people of Tamale South Constituency for granted and the need for him to be shown the exit door, I highlighted some of the abysmal performance of the current MP devoid of personal interest or self-seeking agenda.

In an actual sense, the top hierarchy of NDC has shown the way and we must vote against him in the December 7 Parliamentary elections with the actions they took to sack him as a minority leader citing poor performance by Hon. Haruna.

Respectfully, the dwindling fortunes of NDC in the Northern Region are also attributed to him by some sections of NDC members across the country. They believed that he had outlived his usefulness and continued to undermine the progress of their Party through the divide-and-rule tactics adopted by him.

In all honesty, some first-time MPs are showing great work in their respective Constituencies with accelerated development and the same cannot be said of Hon. Haruna Iddrisu. Some of these MPs are changing lives through the intervention policies rolled out to help their people in various areas.

Unfortunately, the Constituency cannot boast of good drinking water, good roads, sports, and recreational facilities, scholarships for the needy but brilliant students, decent jobs for the teeming youth, etc.

Simply put, when one takes a cursory look at the above-mentioned challenges, the Constituency doesn’t look like it has had an MP for close to 20 years yet some out of their personal gains still believe in Haruna Iddrisu and continue to call him Gangdu without any reliable and proven track records in the Constituency.

Realistically, the presence of an active and sociable NPP Parliamentary candidate in the Constituency has changed the face and dynamics of politics with a wide spread of some policy initiatives embarked upon in the area of tackling the water challenges faced by the constituents in some communities.

Alhaji Fuseini Musah began the dredging of Dams in some Electoral Areas i.e Kobilmahagu, Gavulga-KaKpagyili, Jakarayili, Bamvim, Kalariga, Kukpegu, and now in the Chanshegu in the Fooshegu Electoral Area.

This above list of completed dredging of Dams is a great relief to the community members who commute miles in search of water for use at homes and other purposes. The dredging of the Dams came at the right time since the majority of the Dams have dried up.

Alhaji Fuseini Musah also embarked on the construction of CHPS Compound and sod cutting was done at Kobilmahagu Electoral Area and it’s one out of ten of such projects.

Again, the Parliamentary candidate of NPP before the internal Parliamentary primaries renovated a three-unit classroom block at Fooshegu to serve as a JHS block for the community in the area of improving educational infrastructure.

He also facilitated and provided meters for some households in Kakpagyili who were without meters for use in the community. This intervention helped some of the residents without a proper metering system.

Alhaji Fuseini Musah as a successful businessman and CEO of Fuzzy Engineering and Trading Company Limited contributed and facilitated the payment of some students’ school fees, and women’s empowerment in the area of granting assistance for their small businesses to cater for their day-to-day activities.

Apparently, the above-mentioned achievements, projects, and assistance given to the good people of Tamale South Constituency is a testament to the caliber of leadership he possessed tailored towards service to humankind as the indefatigable Parliamentary candidate for NPP.

Fast forward, I have thrown a challenge to the camp of the underperforming MP to mention at least one or two projects he initiated as a Parliamentary candidate for the NDC before he was given the mandate in 2004.

Doubtless, the above challenge is arduous for them to attempt to answer since Haruna Iddrisu couldn’t facilitate and initiate something impactful to the benefit of the people as a Parliamentary candidate like what the pacesetter and kindhearted Alhaji Fuseini Musah is doing and it resonates with the constituents who are in dire need of support and development.

In a nutshell, this year’s Election presents an opportunity for the good people of Tamale South Constituency to choose between a leader with vision and charisma and someone who has taken advantage of them with total neglect. This important piece has provided an avenue for readers to rally and vote massively for the servant leader, Alhaji Fuseini Musah for all-inclusive and transformational leadership of care and accelerated development.


Author: Abdulai Abdul-Razak; Communication officer, Tamale South Constituency, NPP.

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