Guys;If you want peaceful Relationship You should Avoid Dating These 9Types of Ladies.


Below are types of ladies you should be careful dating:

1. Braggart. The one who keeps bragging about herself and telling you that she can have any guy down to her feet but you’ve no option other than her. Believe me, she will keep on humiliating you by saying you don’t deserve her.

2. The type of woman who doesn’t respect your job. The woman who doesn’t respect what you love doing or slog to earn a living even if you hate it, stay away from her. She will make you choose one day between her and the your profession.

3. Always surrounded by make friends. The one who wants to be surrounded always by her male friends but looses cool by seeing you talking to your female friend.

4. The queens of drama. Like an actress on the stage, she lives in the perceptions of other people. Consequently, there is profound instability in her life. If people treat her as she wants to be treated, she is happy. If they don’t, she is outraged. But her outrage is often more than internal: it translates to acts of war. The drama queen in fact is constantly at war with others or in preparation for war. She is a wicked gossip.

5. Insecure. Insecure girls are more dangerous than snakes. They will do anything to invade your privacy, no matter how loyal you are to them. Insecurity at some level, I find it cute. But when it crosses its limit, your life will become hell.

6. Liars. I don’t have to say anything about it. I always believe harsh truth is million times better than a sweet lie. They don’t deserve second chance either in my life. Again personal perception, so don’t attack me here.

7. Show off

Girls who love to show off always end up with broken relationship. Because opposite gender gets attracted to your materialistic things, and when they come to know it was nothing but a mirage created by you.

8. Flakes, liars, and cheaters. Irresponsibility, manipulation, deception, and a willingness to inconvenience or hurt others first shows up in little ways. It starts with something like not paying back a loan or being chronically late to things always without adequate apology. Then there are the little fragments of truth one finds mangled here and there; moments when she felt it was best to put the old blinders on you in order to lead you where she thought you needed to go.

9. Social media freak. She thinks that world will collapse if she won’t tell what she eats and poop. She will even post about being intimating with you and tag 69 others! She constantly has to show her selfie online to get likes, approval, comments and engagement

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