Galamsey Fight:Leaving bigwigs in the forest and attacking innocent people, an unfair selective justice – Small Scale Miners


Some small scale miners have accused the Operation Halt, the defense ministry of doing selective justice hence attacks on innocent people.

According to the disappointed miners, there are some big gurus mining in some identifiable forests of which they know.

“Why do you leave the bigwigs within some forests such as the Odaho and attack our innocent miners who are doing things right? Be careful with a selective justice that only seem to target on our innocent miners.

You burn our innocent people’s excavators whiles you know for sure that there are the gurus mining in the real forest. It’s not fair, and it can’t help us to succeed the fight”.

According to them, they support the galamsey fight with all their though, but the Halt’s which only seem to target their innocent members is creating different stories.

Mr. Benjamin Annan, Vice Chairman for the Dunkwa miners association speaking to this journalist revealed that the current approach seem to yield no positive result since it only creates bitterness in the hearts of many innocent people.

He also questioned the reason for Media Coalition fighters, Kenn Ashigwe and Co’s long silence in the fight. He sees their silence attribute to the fact that some government officials defaulting gallamsey make things tough.

Former Ashanti regional Secretary for Small Scale Miners, Mr. Philip Bawa disclosed that he and his members can confidently mention such forests within the region which have become a no go area for these Operation Halt.

Meanwhile, Hon. Daniel Kwaku Mensah aka DKM, Chairman/Convener for the Amansie West Small Scale Miners in an interview with this reporter said the unfair selective justice only seem to handcuff innocent people at the expense of the real people in default.

“We support the government in the gallamsey fight. But burning of excavators wasn’t pert of our discussion, it’s very wrong. Why don’t you burn the real people’s excavators but rather attack innocent miners? In fact, we are not happy on that.

Involve us, we can help the fight, the real people area there”. He added

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