Four Distance Relationship Challenges You Probably Might Not Know

Welcome to my channel once again dear reader, In this particular article, we shall discuss or look into the disadvantages of distance relationship you need to know.

Loneliness. Since you don’t have the opportunity to see yourself frequently one partner will become lonely and the relationship might seem odd

Higher Tendency To Cheat. Long distance relationship gives the partner a higher Tendency to cheat this start from the point when one partner starts to feel lonely and tries to kill this loneliness might decide to start an affair with someone close by.

Expense. Long distance relationship tends to cost more expenses than a short distance because sometimes partners will love to see each other and will have no option but to travel to see their spouse, and money spent on the journey is a big expense that could be used to sort out other needs.

Miscommunication. In long distance relationship, they are always one form of miscommunication or the other because there are certain things that are better discussed physically but as a result of distance such things might be appropriately handled or communicated.

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