Foods You Should Eat After Sex

Eating after sex is important to help elevate your mood even more and keep you more relaxed. check out these foods you should eat after sex


Apple is preferably the best fruit you should think of after sex, it contains some essential nutrients that release some sensation into your body and more you even more relaxed than you already are.


A full stomach after sex probably won’t be indispensable yet it’s neede thus a dinner as a potato would do fine and dandy, it’s sufficiently light to keep you fulfilled however not excessively full, potatoes can be made into a wide range of dish contingent upon how it suits your inclination.


Banana is a very good option to consider after sex, it contains iron, potassium, and calcium which in turn restores lost nutrient to the body after a rigorous activity like sex, it’s also essential in the circulation of blood in the brain and the potassium in it helps prevent infection

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