Facts: The Untold Story of the Ewe town Dzodze

In the southeast of Ghana’s Volta Region, in the small town of Dzodze, lies the Ketu North municipality’s administrative center.

Located close to the Togo-Ghana border, Dzodze is 199 kilometers (via Tokor) from Accra, the nation’s capital, and 87 kilometers (through Ho, the region’s headquarters) from Accra.

What Dzodze means.

Dzodze is an Ewe language: Dzo = to fly. Dze = to land. Dzodze = flew and landed.

According to historical records, Torgbui Adzomefia’s nephew Torgbui Amegayibor was able to bridge the Aka river and establish a settlement in the same area of the forest as his uncle, Torgbui Adzomefia, and his people.

Torgbui Amegayibor noticed a smoke cloud in the distance while on one of his missions. It was located in the village of his uncle.

Since he didn’t observe any human activity en approach to the village, he questioned how his uncle and his family managed to cross the Aka River.

He enquired as to how his uncle, Torgbui Adzomefia, entered the forest.

His uncle said, “De mie dzo va dze,” and we took off and landed.

Dzodze has come to light as a result of this.

The towns of Adagbledu, Ablorme, Apeyeme, Fiagbedu, Kporduave, Dafornyami, Bedzame, Afiadenyigba, Deme, Tornu, Kave, Kasu, Kpelikorfe, Dalikofe, Kuli, and atsukorpe are those that border the town.

The majority of the people who live in Dzodze are Ghanaians who moved there after the Ewe people left Notsie in Togo and moved to the south-west of Ghana sometime in the latter part of the seventeenth century. The Ewe language is the most common one in the town.

People in this prestigious town primarily work in trade and tenacious farming.

Since they are closer to Togo, a neighboring nation, and because doing business there is simple, the majority of people started their own firms.

Beautiful hotels like the Whitedove, Mike G, Travelers, and My Honest Queen Guesthouse are located in this town, along with tourist attractions like the Tornu Catholic Sacred Heart Shrine and recreational amenities like the Akanu Border station.

Dzodze has given birth to excellent and hardworking boys and girls who are advancing this nation.

The late Torgbui Bese ll, Prince Klugah Ahiadzro, CCK Dzakpasu, Kofi Agbedor Kassah, Hestion Azaglo, Todgbui Adzofia Vl, Modestas Ahiable, Papa Gafah Dzakpasu, Kofi Lawson, and Kofi Dzameshi are just a few of the wonderful people who made up this group (The Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs)

John Dogba, who was formerly the second in command for national security, Professor Cletus Dordunu, Colonel Dordunu, Professor Ahiatrogah of UCC, Francis Loloh, a senior official with the Bank of Ghana, and well-known lecturers, tutors, and teachers like Gertrude Kwabla, Miss Avorgbedor (retired), late teacher and culturalist Mr. Akpaka, Chartered Accountant Moses Ahiabu, Johnson Yao Fiebor, a tenacious lecturer at Ho Technical University, Chartered Accountant Mozart Homawoo, Johnny Dzakpasu, and Victoria Dzakpasu, siblings, are the Sedzro of HTU, a lawyer, a chartered accountant, and numerous more.

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