Doctors Say You Should Use This Sex Position If You Want A Baby Urgently

If you are finding it difficult to conceive, a lot of factors come into play. One of them is the sex position used. Unfortunately, most people do not consider this at all. However, what couples should understand is that this plays a crucial role in the process of conception.

Consider the role of sex positions in impregnating a woman by imagining climbing and hill and descending. Which of them is difficult? When you use some Sex positions, the spérm will need to climb while other positions will let the sperm descend.

It is easy for a woman to get pregnant when the sperm descend than they climb. However, what every woman should understand is that irrespective of the position, you will likely become pregnant, just that some positions decrease the odds.

Also, some positions can significantly help men suffering from low sperm count. Since the sperm cannot swim to the ovum either because they are weak or they are not enough, using some sex positions can help them swim easily and faster.

When it comes to Sex positions that aid conception, we cannot look any further than the natural. According to Scoff Roseff, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist at IVFMD in Boca Raton, the missionary position is the best when it comes to conception.

Speaking to IVFMD Health, the Doctor clarified that the position aligns the upper end of the vagina, where the semen pools, to the cervical opening. This makes it easier for the sperm to swim and reach the ovum.

This sex position helps men who are suffering from low sperm count too. However, the mistake most people make is that they do not put a pillow under the woman to raise her waist. This causes the semen to come out.

He further advises that men should use deep penetration when they are about to climax. This helps a lot as it increases pleasure and brings the semen close to the cervical opening. The couples should not forget that conception is possible only when the woman is ovulating.

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