Discover the power of this wonderful herb.

The name of this wonderful herb is stubborn grass . It’s a very wild herb mostly around stoney areas and bushes. Flowers may grow on it or not depending on it’s age. It’s a very powerful herb which controls the soul and mind. It’s very difficult when uprooting or tearing a branch. Just pluck one branch as shown in the picture above. Clean it nicely. You can pluck it at anytime of the day or night. Place it under your pillow when going to bed at night and sleep. Whatever message your soul and inner message has for you, will be revealed to you in a dream.

Maybe a loved one that’s dead has a message for you, It’ll be exposed to you in a dream at night. Any life plan or business you always have in mind which you want an advise on, will be revealed to you through the power of this herb. Maybe you dream always but you don’t remember it when awake, this herb will give you a memory and playback of old dreams you had too. Make sure you go to sleep with a free mind devoid of much thinking, else it’ll serve as a distraction.

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