Consequences Of Sex Before Marriage You May Not Know

Sex before marriage is obviously a controversial topic, and I’m sure you already have some ideas about what this article will cover. However, my intention is not to make a moral judgment about the “rightness” or “wrongness” of premarital sex. Rather, it’s to simply discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having sex before marriage, which may help you to make an informed decision.

Advantages of sex before marriage

1. Sexual encounters

Knowing how and what you like in bed is always beneficial. Prior to marriage, having sex with your spouse allows you to open up and not feel alone. This also aids in the development of confidence.

2. Compatibility in the bedroom

Many people believe that before getting married, they should assess their sexual compatibility. You are bound with a single person after marriage, and if the sex is bad, you have no choice but to stay in that relationship.

3. Sexual issues

Some men are incapable of enduring for lengthy periods of time, but they are unaware of this until they try. Sex before marriage can help you recognize and address sexual issues, allowing you to work on them or seek treatment.

4. Levels of stress

Sex is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. Many people find that premarital sex helps them cope with the stress that comes with relationship conflicts.

Disadvantages of sex before marriage

1. Loss of interest

Men and women alike tend to lose interest after having sex in various situations. After marriage, they become so comfortable that there is nothing new to discover.

2. Unwanted pregnancy

No contraception is completely risk-free. There is always the possibility that you will become pregnant, which may throw your entire life into great confusion.

3. Sexually Transmitted Disease(STD)

If you have several sex with different partners, you run the risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease. This can be a terrifying situation.

4. The feeling of guilt

Many people have regrets about having intercourse with someone before getting married. It could be due to their strong beliefs or emotional investment. Besides, If you come from a conservative family, you might consider it a sin.

It is my hope that this piece goes a long way for those considering the advantages and disadvantages of waiting till marriage. However, is it true that premarital sex should be avoided simply because the Bible says so? Or are there other factors at play?

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