Churches now entering into politics neglect word of God is sad -SDA Pastor bemoan

Pastor Dr. Kwame Kwanim Boakye, President of Northern Ghana Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church has expressed worry over the churches entering into politics for the sake of fame, power and riches of Pastors by neglecting the word of God, hence the entire churches growing more corrupt in unimaginable rate of late.

Speaking at a joint ordination service of three Pastors into the Gospel Ministry at Central Ghana Conference Headquarters at Kwadaso, he stated that, the Pastors of today would not preach salvation and eternal life but opted for doing politics to make quick monies, preaching wealth, taking away death from people and acquisition of Visas, just because they need power, fame, money in addition to womanizing or engaging in adultary at the expense of the vulnerable in the society and their congregations.
He reminded the ordained Pastors to take the path of righteousness as they are preparing to commit themselves to God in accordance with the biblical truth, says the churches are digressing the path of righteousness while people are now struggling to discover the truth.
According to him, the people of today does not like the word of God and even Ministers of the gospel now set direction for God just to become fame and powerful, and for that matter, urged the ordinands to access themselves in Christ and give it to other people devoid of deceitful or adding to the word of God through faithfulness.

Speaking on the theme, There to be the people of God in time of waiting, he was of the view that, leadership is in crisis today and for that matter, some people are accusing Christians on when is the coming of christ because they are fed up in waiting, hence the Christiandom has changed hence modern Christians expecting only miracles, thinking God is delaying.

Pastor Boakye however, tasked the ordinands to observe all the laws in time of waiting for God is ready to give them the insight of his word and promises, if only we endures him he would raise with us but if we deny him, he would deny us for he is ever faithful, he underscored .

The President of NGUC of the SDA reminds them that, human beings do not belong to darkness and adultary and challenged them to wake-up and present the truth in more remarkable manner, and must not accept the demand of the people by neglecting God’s word.

Bear the endurance of faith, fairness, patient of the Saints by making the word of God the standard of their way and preach hope and prepares themselves and families for the coming of Christ.
Pastor Yaw Asamoah, President of Central Ghana Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) at the ordination, stated that, the ordinands were taking the true interviews and procedures efficient and effectively after their education, and for that matter convince that they are qualified to become pastor and believe they would deliver their mandate as Men of God.

He disclosed that, being Pastors at their youth age he is convince that they would help grow the church and help the entire youth in their jurisdictions and the country as a whole in reshaping their lives to the right direction in life to take leadership role in future.

The three ordinands includes Pastors Fetus Kwaku Appiagyei, Derrick Agyei Yeboah and Arituo Kyilleh.
Pastor Festus Kwaku Appiagyei, on behalf of his colleagues commended the entire SDA church of the support in kind or cash by making their dreams come true to the call of God to work in his vineyard.

He expressed their profound gratitude to their district Pastors, the local churches members and their wives for their assistance, encouragement guidance in a diverse ways to see them through the journey.


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