Cheat On Your Boyfriend If He Can’t Give You 13 Dollas Every Day – Facebook Girl Advises


It’s now very obvious that some girls feel entitled to being paid by their boyfriend when they’re in a relationship. From what one Facebook girl wrote on Facebook, every man must give his girlfriend money everyday to make her happy.

An unemployed slay queen has taken to Facebook to advise her co-slay queens to cheat on their boyfriends when they don’t receive 13 dollars from them each day and this has caused a stir.


According to her, it is the duty for any man who is in a relationship to give his wife 13 dollars every day to maintain the relationship because money is the one factor that keeps women in relationships during today’s world of 21st Century.

This is not the first time such posts have gone viral on social media.

She wrote;

Some social media reactions;
Raphael Qwame – U go go inside them they chop and beat and for free without penny. Here she come to talk about her responsibilities English hehehehe

Deownli OsetopII – A responsible woman too for get job of her own, ungrateful gender. Mtcheww

Kojo Delali – Hookup girl wey dy want responsible guy…some guys too dy date some women ooo Eii waa see face

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