Causes of Spiritual marriage

1. Bathing of children outside

Clam down….it is a bitter truth though. Many young today who have spiritual marriage got it in their childhood.

In Ghana, many parents bath their children outside, in the open space, thinking that the night will cover the nakedness of the child.

No. Anytime your nakedness is exposed, whether you are old or young, you attract evil spirits. Most of these spirits are water spirits.

It is for these reasons that many people would dream and they would find themselves under water. It is an indication that to have attracted the attention of the marine world. There are several reasons why you may attract attention from the marine world. But one major reason is through your nakedness.

2. Having sex with someone who has spiritual marriage. During sex, there is transfer of both physical and spiritual things. If you have sex with someone, the person’s spiritual burdens and contracts are transferred to you, and you also passing on your spiritual burdens and contracts.

So if the person you slept with has spiritual marriage, you will also come under the manipulation of the evil spirit.

3. Watching pornography

Pornography attacks your mind to subdue it. It is like colonization. Once your mind is colonized, the demon behind pornography will explore ways to get you into further spiritual bondage.

At this stage, you may be tempted to masturbate. The moment you start masturbating, you sleep directly with a demon.

If the masturbation manipulation does not work on you, you will be tempted to have sex in your mind. Here, the demons help you to generate mental pictures of naked men or women.

As these pictures roll on your mind, demons will hide behind those pictures to have sex with you.

4. Activities of witches and wizards

Some witches and wizards are very powerful. Most people think witches are just feeble evil forces. But this is not always the case.

People who have been practicing witchcraft for decades can be very dangerous. Such people can marry you spiritually, thus blocking you physical marriage.

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