Benkum SHS: Teacher cries after room video with understudy spilled

A few understudies have blamed a few teachers at Benkum Senior High School (SHS) in the Eastern Region of participating in s3xual action with them.

The s3xual experience between an understudy and one of the educators was caught on camera, and it has proactively spilled, making pressure in the ordinarily peaceful school setting.

Three educators were purportedly ensnared in the outrage.

The Akropong Police Command has been told of the occurrence, and an examination is continuing.

The English instructor, one of the educators ensnared, had their pay halted when the Akuapem North District and Eastern Regional Education Office shaped a board to investigate what is happening.

When drawn nearer, Isaac Bannie, one of the teachers who was purportedly connected with, denied any contribution. He said that he was really the understudy’s family and not a mate.

Authorities at the Police order and the Office of Education checked the embarrassment.

Mr. Nyarkoh, the school’s superintendent, revealed that an examination is being led.

The English teacher, Emmanuel Darkoh Mensah, is reputed to have communicated lament to the experts for the embarrassment right now. He is presently worried about death dangers after the episode.

The following is the full conciliatory sentiment explanation of Mr Mensah:

My conciliatory sentiment
I acknowledge I’m a defeatist. Indeed, weakness caused me to do all that I did. Having my compensation hindered in this undeniably challenging monetary circumstance we wind up in and the corresponding cutback of my employment put me in a condition of uncertainty and made me waspish which made me respond in like that.

As far as I might be concerned, I felt the young lady has annihilated me so I needed to repay her however my counter has been outrageous and, surprisingly, put the name, educators and even understudies of the school into unsavoriness. I go to God to wreck each agonizing permanent memory my activity has caused everybody in question in this wreck.

Indeed, I’ve permitted myself for a school young lady to cut me down and presently I acknowledge each maligning and slur anyone would project on me, that’s the short and long of it.

This conciliatory sentiment isn’t to satisfy specialists to assist me with landing my position back, no, on the grounds that that is exceptionally unthinkable yet to cause everybody know how repentant I to feel about my absolutely silly activity.

I lament. I lament all that I’ve done, everything. At the present time I feel futile, I feel like my life isn’t worth even a disposed of kitchen pot. I’ve failed and thusly ask for absolution from the whole staff, particularly the educators in question. I’ve been childish in my activities and hauled the name of the school into the drains. The group of Adwoa (not genuine name) are taking steps to kill me, which is, obviously the bitterest discipline since I think even detainment isn’t enough for me, demise is.

Furthermore, to the superintendent, Mr Nyarkoh, I’m profoundly upset for causing this wreck. Please accept my apologies for permitting feelings to cloud my cerebrum to act in this senseless manner.

At last, I need to emphasize that my activity is ludicrous, condemnable, unsound, exploitative, strange and unsuitable and merits each rebuke and censure.

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