Benefits of eating ‘Fufu’ which most people are not aware of

Fufu is undoubtedly one of the best meals one can take in Ghana. It is a combination of cassava or yam with plantain. These are pounded together to make the popular dish we are talking about here. It is normally taken with palmut, groundnut or ‘nkaakra’ soup.

However, in every house or family, there are some who do not eat fufu. Others too love to eat this meal over and over again.

Every house can testify to this that, persons who do not eat ‘fufu’ are usually slim in nature while those who love or like this meal are usually big or a little bit fat.

This brings us to the main reason why this happens.

Fufu is a combination of cassava and plantain which are both starchy foods.

The food is basically starch and not only do starches contain carbs and calories that make you gain weight. They also increase the muscle glycogen stores of the body.

This shows a lot of benefit one get from fufu in the case of human growth. Fufu makes persons grow fat.

People who barely eat this meal or do not are normally slim in nature because they don’t benefit what others do.

However some of those who dislike this meal can get substitute of such equal meals and get big.

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