Avoid doing this, if you want a successful marriage

So many at times we do thing we are not conscious of. But those little thing we do end us up in losing people we love.

Others to don’t know of this things, but in all we want to know what really entails in killing our marriage life. Most of us have certain behaviours and characters we will like to change from before getting married. But one difficult thing is to change. It’s not some easy at all, it really needs time and patience.

A pastor was blessings the marriage ceremony of a couple and read out to them these things that we do in our daily lives without realising it killing our marriage life.

Here are some things he said

1. Laziness kills marriage

2. Suspicious kills marriage

3. Lack of trust kills marriage

4. Lack of mutual respect kills marriage

5. Unforgiveness kills marriage

6. Argument kills marriage

7. Keeping secrets from spouse kills marriage

He said all these, and it’s true it does kill our marriage life. And sometimes it’s not our intention to do what will destroy the love we have for our spouses. This things have destroyed so many peoples life and we need to adjust to making things work.

8. Every from of infidelity kills marriage

9. Poor communication kills marriage

10. Lies kills marriage

11. Relating more with your parents than your spouse kills marriage

12. Lack of inadequate unenjoyable sex kills marriage

13. Nagging kills marriage

14. Too much talking and careless talking kills marriage.

All these stuffs are closed to us, and we do them day in and day out but without realising is kill us and our partners.

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