The Director Forestry Commission Training Center Akyewkrom in the Ejisu Municipal of the Ashanti Region, Hon Dr. Andy okrah , has disclosed that his office, part of this year’s Green Ghana Day, will plant 22,500 seedlings across the Ejisu Municipal.

The initiative, which aims to revitalize the Municipality natural beauty and promote sustainable forestry practices, is set to engage local communities, schools, and other stakeholders in the process. By involving a wide range of participants, the goal is to create a lasting impact on the environment and foster a sense of responsibility among residents.

The Green Ghana Day initiative, which was introduced in 2021 by Government of Ghana, aims at creating enhanced national awareness of the necessity for collective action towards the restoration of degraded landscapes in the country. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Growing for a Greener Tomorrow”

Hon Dr. Andy okrah , during the commemoration of this year’s Green Ghana Day at the Besease in the Ejisu Municipal of the Ashanti Region, explained that, all offices of the Forestry Commission will be given our free seedlings to well meaning Ghanaians who aim to join the government in greening Ghana.

“The entire country will be planting  10million trees but we in the Ejisu Municipality will be planting 22,500 seedlings so we are here to commemorate this year’s Green Ghana Day and inform the good people of Ejisu Municipal that, we have all kind of seeds at our various offices which they can come and pick it for free and plant.

“Everybody is entreated to partake in this year’s Green Ghana Celebration but we will plead with those that will come for the seedlings to do the needful and plant them, if you come to our office for a seedling, we will ask for your name, where you intend to plant it and reason for coming for the seedling. This will help us to monitor and track the progress of our seedlings.

Hon Andy okrah emphasized the importance of sustainable forestry practices in preserving the Municipal biodiversity and ecological balance.

He further appealed to all and sundry to come on board to help protect the environment and forest reserves of the country.

“I’m very happy that all the dignitaries today have agreed that it’s about time we protected our environment and forest, so we heard them encouraging the gathering to fully partake in the Green Ghana Day.

“What I will add to what they said is that, we at the Forestry Commission alone can’t accomplish this task but we all understand that it is our responsibility and duty to protect our environment and forest reserves, then this initiative will be a success.” He said.

The Gyasehene of Ejisu Traditional council Nana Boadu lll who represent Ejisumahene Nana Afrane Okese IV, then appreciate Hon Dr Andy okrah Director Akyewkrom Forestry Commission Training Center for his contribution and monitoring of previous trees planted 3 years ago under Green Ghana project.

Nana Boadu lll urged all to make sure that they monitor and keep a close eye of the trees that are planting today by so doing it will fulfill the government intention for initiating this annual tree planting exercise across the country.

By: Alex Nti (Despite Media)

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