Aggrieved Kejetia traders call for disollution of current leadership

Some traders at the New Kejetia in Kumasi have called for the removal of their current leadership(executive).
According to them, the process involving most of these groups’ formation and leadership selection were in total absurdity. The disappointed traders speaking to this reporter said the lack of well organized association and elected executive make it very difficult for them to witness any proper accountability or lodge their grievances in an official way.

They also lamented over how most of these current unofficial executive compromise on certain unfavorable decisions that do not befit the progress of their expected wellbeing.

Speaking to this reporter, they said the dissolution of the current executive will pave way for an election to be conducted for them to be able to get official executive.

Their emergent calls come following the recent power disconnection by the electricity company of Ghana over a Gh¢5.4 million debt. Reacting in connection with the aforementioned issues, the aggrieved traders said things were not made clear, proper accountabilities were not made and no good steps were taken to redress their issues due to the fact that they do not have any proper leadership.

It is worth noting that the current Kejetia traders do not have any structured executive, thus when it comes to official redress of an issue. The aggrieved traders said.

“We don’t have any umbrella leadership where we can officially channel our grievancess. It’s very unfortunate that leaders of these sub sub unions of which most of them are not officially and constitutionally recognised claim themselves to be the leaders of the Kejetia association. That’s never the case and we need to dissolve all these groups to pave way for an official one”. They said.

They said there’s the urgent need for them to get uniformed association where they can channel their grievances through.

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