After two days of bloody demonstration what has really happened?

The life of every individual matters most to their families, communities and Ghana at large because you form the great worth of the country.

The youth wing of Ghanaians teamed up with a demonstration they called Arise Ghana, which allowed them to spit out red hot grievances to the leaders of the country about the hardships facing them and it turned out to be an unexpected demo. A lot of injuries, ears were chopped off, eyes almost plugged out and other havoc occurred to both the guards and the protesters. And because of these things, some Ghanaians who were not in support of this demonstration are asking a question, “After two days of the bloody demonstrations what has happened, have they been heard by the authorities?” It is a matter to consider.

States’ properties have been destroyed by the demonstrators, though, if nothing goes to touch the palm branches it does not rattle. The anger of Ghanaian citizens is not only against the protesters, but the gurus who sponsored them with materials and sited them to disregard the state’s orders are also in a hot soup of the people. A toothless man is not harmful unless he gets assistance from someone. One prominent personality once said, “have you seen hot water drowning someone, it’s always the cold water that gets people drowned.” It means that anger does not produce results, but a peaceful and sound mind that provides a solution.

I strongly believe that this demonstration has both sent a signal to those who must hear and the protesters and to the innocent people. We must all work to prevent this incidence from happening in the future.

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