A School Girl Who Allegedly Seems To Be Senior Has Molested A School Girl Who Allegedly Seems Junior

A school girl was seen in a video that is circulating on almost all the social media platforms, maltreating her fellow student who allegedly looks like her junior.

These school girls were seen in the video wearing blue and white school uniforms. The victim of the incident was seen sitting on the ground, crying and trying everything possible to save herself from the pounces, bullying and slaps from her fighting opponent. The school girl who was beating her fellow student was very aggressive on the victim, pouncing and booting her in all directions without even thinking that, she can injure and hurt her. How sad this is. A lot of students were standing there watching but only one male student tried to stop her, but she refused and continued hitting her even more harder than before. Some parts of the victim’s uniform was torn, as well as parts of her body was seen in the video.

Per my knowledge over the situation and reactions seem that, the girl beating the other student or the victim might be her senior. And may be she might have instructed her do some work but she refused, because she thinks she is bigger and taller than her. Her refusal might have angered her to take such a serious and drastic action against her. Looking at the video critically, you can see that, the school girl standing was trying to raise the victim from the ground but she was not ready to stand up, which led to the booting and bullying.

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