“A Pastor Slept With Me Claiming He Was Casting Out Demons, He Ruined My Marriage” Lady Narrates

In an interview, a woman named Judy, who is in her early twenties, narrates how her pastor ruined her marriage in the name of casting out evil spirits from her. Judy, a mother of two who’s currently out of marriage, shares her bitter story.

In an interview, Judy said she was married to a kind man when she was 16. He cared for her and took very good care of her and her kid. She said he loved her so very much and provided for all her needs.

They were Christians and did things like pray, go to church, pay their tithes, and were serious church goers. She would represent the family when her husband was out of town. Her pastor preyed on her by approaching her with the false claim that she was possessed by evil spirits and demons that needed to be cast out.

He told her she needed deliverance in order to cast out those evil spirits. He promised to anoint her with holy oil and rub it all over her. In doing so, he forced himself on her.

Judy felt guilty and decided to tell her husband what transpired: how their pastor slept with Hee. When she told her husband about the pastor who raped her in the name of casting out demons, She was beaten and thrown out of the house when he lost his temper.

Judy later found someone who married her and accepted her child. But after some time, the man became aggressive and started beating her every time. She left her husband and moved back in with her mom.


Judy blames “an apostle” for ruining her sweet marriage. She’s a single mother doing her best to make ends meet by doing odd jobs. She dreams of one day being financially independent and opening her own shop.

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